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Superior Hygiene with AG+ crystal Anti Bacterial Comfort features: 3D curve seat for better comfort Energy cost and Saving Ezyclean Pre-Installation: Change Wate..
Free Installation  1) Exclusive offer for ATKC customers only.2) The Merdeka Free Installation Campaign is valid from 1st August - 30th September3) NO wall hacking, NO wiring needed ..
1 X PANASONIC P-225JRC WATER CARTRIDGE SET-2PCS Made in Japan 2 units in a boX Ready stockModel : P-225JRC-ZEX Weight : 5 Replacement Cartridge:Replacement Water Filter Cartridge for Panasoni..
TK-F4CB0-EX Carbon Filter (CB430) for TK-CB430-ZMA Function : Removes Taste & Odor, Free residual chlorine,Total trihalomethane Chloroform and other VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Process: Har..
TK-F4PP0-EX Pre Filter (CB430)for TK-CB430-ZMA Removes coarse impurities such as dirt and sand particles. Turbidity down to 5 m (Sediments, Rust, Other solid impurities) Cartridge life: 12 months 4..
TK-F4UF0-EX Ultra Filter (CB430) for TK-CB430-ZMA Function : Removes Bacteria, Virus, Turbidity (Sediments, Rust, Other solid impurities) Process: Water penetrates the outer wall and travels to the ..
4000 L lasting clear waterRemoves 17 substances & 99.999% of bacteriaHigh performance activated carbon developed with Panasonic's unique technologyIncreased high performance activa..
Panasonic Genuine Replacement Part 4.0 L /min Filtering  Powdered activated carbon Microfiltration System Hollow Fibers Filter MADE IN JAPAN Replacement Cartridge For PJ-37MRF / PJ-31MRF / ..
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