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Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Power Tools/Lavor Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

DescriptionGV Egon VAC allows, simply and quickly and with the exclusive use of water, steam cleaning of all surfaces together with dust and liquid vacuuming. It is possible to clean and sanitize all ..
RM4,260.00 RM7,100.00
FeaturesSaturated steam at 4 bar at a temperature of 143°C Boiler 2,3 kW Heating and activation time required: 10 min Pressure switch Double thermostat Cap with protection aga..
RM1,198.80 RM1,998.00
FeaturesA wet and dry vacuum cleaner with injection/extraction washing function for carpet, vehicle seats, tents, chairs, mats, etc. Silenced power motor (high speed) with by-pass cooling. Detergent p..
RM1,620.00 RM2,700.00
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