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Wellforce 91116 Curved Claw Hammer with Hickory Handle 16oz

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Wellforce 91116 Curved Claw Hammer with Hickory Handle 16oz

  • Brand Wellforce
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  • Model: WF-91116
  • Weight: 1.00kg
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100% made in Taiwan. It is promised to be sustainable, durable, and secure. The quality of materials used in producing every part of the product is top-class and better for the environment. Handle is made of hickory. This product guarantees long-term usage under non-abusive conditions. 16 oz. curved claw hammer, 13-3/4" length/ 4" width/ 1" height. Drop forged is made by selected high quality steel for the professional or do-it-yourself user. The hammer head is locked with the hickory handle through the most exclusive producing steps. 

  1. Curved claw hammer has the high quality hickory handle for the natural feel of wood. 
  2. A hickory wood handle can minimize impack shock and provide the best resilence and strength 
  3. Well balance for the maximum striking power. 
  4. 16 oz. full polished ans laquer coated head, beveled end curved claw, 13-3/4" over length, perfectly for proper nailing and easier spotting 
  5. The hickory handle is completed attached and locked to the hammer head


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